Strategic Partnership Opportunities

Software Solutions Centre (SSC) specialises in the development of software solutions for the healthcare and social care market places. Both market sectors are being challenged to make efficiency savings in order to be able to meet the increasing demands on services from an aging population.

Government funding continues to be made available to fund projects that can increase the efficiency of the delivery of healthcare whilst improving patient care.

SSC understands the real value of cooperative effort and loyal business partnerships with other like-minded and proactive entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. We believe that collaborative relationships help everyone succeed in a business landscape, and strive to build win-win strategic alliances with our partners and ultimately healthcare providers and patients.

Such a synergy brings about business growth and new opportunities for both parties, fosters more productive environment, and contributes to faster business development. We invite you to participate in our Business Development Partnership Program and welcome opportunities to develop strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations to market/ develop innovative software solutions in specialist market sectors.

SSC has been developing healthcare solutions to the healthcare sector for over 10 years. We have extensive experience of developing and customising healthcare systems based on Microsoft .Net (a framework and set of programming languages) and Microsoft Dynamics Nav (one of Microsoft’s key ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.

Systems already developed and ready to take to market include:

Episode Management

Episode Management is a unique and innovative solutions for smarter, better management of Episode in private and NHS. Cut cost and improve efficiency. Displays actual uses of manpower and the stock items.

Naviscript( ePMA)

Naviscript provides a high security state of the art system, designed to reduce errors, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient care in hospitals. NaviScript is a Complete Drug Administration & Medication management system, designed to: • Reduce errors • Stress on nurses • Improve Patient Care

Navicare at Home

Navicare at home offers a unique solution for medication administration efficiency and risk reduction within domiciliary system. Navicare at home helps not only to save money but also lives by reducing the errors of medicine administration. The software has been designed to allow care staff to spend more time in providing care rather than managing mountains of paperwork. • Adverse drug Reaction System generated text and or e-mail to the doctor and service provider. • MMS for any new vital signs to the doctor and agency provider. • Allergy alert to the doctor and service provider.

Cost of Nursing

This module allows apportion cost per staff especially nurses to each patient served/ episode rather than dividing the nurse time to number of patient looked after. It helps to optimally allowed and utilize staff by giving reports on staff utilization. This will show nursing time available, charged to the patients/episode and the non-chargeable/ non nursing time.

Care Home Enterprise

Care Home Enterprise provides a complete end-to-end solution for care homes and groups. It combines all the major functions carried out in a care home in one system making it easier to use.

Finance Management

FM helps to improve profit margins and ability to review the financial status and room occupancy level at Group, Regional or Home level.

Care Home Organiser

Care Home Organizer’s integrated approach to service users and staff management streamlines workflow and productivity, and supports open communication for informed decision-making across entire care home. Care Home Organiser comprehensively manages the working of the care home yet it is very easy to use. Care Home Manager can see all important tasks at the care home on daily weekly or monthly basis. It is customisable to meet all the care home requirements. Alerts for the missed or overdue job are integrated with the mobile alerts.

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