History and Background

Software Solutions Centre Ltd (SSC) was established in 1998. The main objective of the company is to provide software development for complete business solutions. Initial sales of ERP software resulted in certification in 1999 of SSC by Microsoft for its Navision catalogue of financial accounting systems.

The company was invited to partner with a group of care home owners in 2001, followed shortly after by a joint exercise with care home associations to produce a software package capable of helping manage the regulatory requirements set by the Commission for Social Care inspectorate (CSCi). This work resulted in the product, NaviCare.


About NaviCare

Navicare promotes Software Solutions centre Ltd and Healthcare Dynamic Solutions Ltd .

Software Solutions Centre has extensive experience with developing and customising Navicare Enterprise and Finance and Business Management systems based on Microsoft .Net and Dynamics Nav.

Healthcare Dynamics Solutions (HDSL) is a comprehensive patient centric hospital management solution. It is a highly secure, state of the art, Microsoft supported, Hospital management system called Hospital Dynamics. Hospital Dynamics is designed to reduce errors, improve efficiency and cut costs, meting the global demand for cheaper, better quality patient care and the reduction of medical mistakes. It is a Patient Centric Episode Management. Electronic Medicine Administration, Inventory and Financial Management Solution for Hospitals

In 1999, investment was made to establish an offshore development presence in India. This project provides SSC with the ability to develop commission and support a comprehensive range of products efficiently and economically. System specifications, sales and marketing and management of commercial issues are managed from the London office in Wembley, with development work and out-of-hours end-user support provided through the Indian operation, but overseen in the UK.

Navicare family of products

Healthcare Dynamic Solutions Ltd

Hospital Management Softwares

Episode Management

Episode Management uses actual timings and resource costings to provide profit and loss for every activity within an episode & highlight any variances.Cut cost and improve efficiency.Displays actual uses of manpower and the stock items.Read more


Electronic Prescription and Medicine Administration including version for NHS community Hospitals. Designed to reduce errors, minimises risk of litigation, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient care in hospitals.Read more

Cost of Nursing

This module allows apportion cost per staff especially nurses to each patient served/ episode rather than dividing the nurse time to number of patient looked after.Helps to optimally allowed and utilize staff by giving reports on staff utilization. This will show nursing time available, charged to the patients/episode and the non-chargeable/ non nursing time.Read more


NaviHome is an innovative patient safety system enabling more people to have safer, happier and healthier lives, confidently supported at home by a unique medication administration and risk reduction system.Read more

Software Solutions Centre Ltd

Care Home Management Softwares

Care Home Enterprise

It provides a complete and end to end solution for care homes and groups, it combines all the major functions carried out in a care home in one solution making it easier to use. Being extremely flexible and modular it can be customised as per your needs to give care homes 100% fit solution.
The system consists of Enquiry, Care Planning, HR, Electronic Mar ( e-Mar), Care Home Organiser, Care Home Management, Finance and ERP.Read more

Finance Management

It is designed entirely for the Care Sector and is highly scalable and customisable to give you a 100% fit solution. It is a Microsoft Dynamics based Invoicing, Financial and Business Management Package for Care Homes and Care Home Groups. It supports multiple funders, multiple billing periods and uplifts and block contracting. Care Home Enterprise helps to improve profit margins and ability to review at a touch of button the financial status and room occupancy level at Group, Regional or Home level.Read more


Navimed offers a unique solution for medication administration efficiency and risk reduction within care homes. It builds on best practice in systems to ensure that the Right person gets the Right drug with the Right dose through the Right route at the Right time. This is important as Navimed helps not only to save money but also lives by reducing the errors of medicine administration. The software has been designed to allow care staff to spend more time in providing care rather than managing mountains of paperwork.Read more

Dementia Care Online

DementiaCare online is an innovative solution and its use of Dementia friendly technology open up avenues for intellectual stimulation for everyone, regardless of their interests and capabilities; My world” is ‘personalization in action’. It uses dementia friendly technology Read more

Care plan & Assessments

The care plan module helps to communicate and organise the actions of a constantly changing nursing staff. As the patient's needs are attended to, the updated plan is passed on to the nursing staff at shift change and during nursing rounds.Read more

Care home Organiser

Care Home Organiser comprehensively manages the working of the care home yet it is very easy to use. Care Home Manager can see all important tasks at the care home on daily weekly or monthly basis. It is customisable to meet all the care home requirements.Read more