Naviscript provides a high security state of the art system, designed to reduce errors, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient care in hospitals. NaviScript is a Complete Drug Administration & Medication management system, designed to:

  • Reduce errors
  • Stress on nurses
  • Improve Patient Care

It reduces risks and mistakes automated allergy checking, rejection patterns, adverse drug reactions alerts , stock reconciliation's. It replaces paper Medication Administration Records (MARs) with digital, users administer medication on hand-held devices e.g. tablets, smart phones, net books. It is also comply with healthcare IT industry standards such as HIPAA and HL7, creating a flexible cross platform solutions with extension and enhancements as needed.

Key features of NaviScript are:

  • Comprehensive patient card includes patient’s personal details, photograph, medical history, emergency contacts, calendar events, GP details, allergy information etc.
  • Provides quick search into patient's bed side information and medical history.
  • Ensures that the Right person gets the Right medication with the Right dose through the Right route at the Right time.
  • Reduces medication administration mistakes to save costs and lives.
  • Alerts for allergies and adverse drug reactions with the facility to text them to doctor/manager.
  • Captures critical information in real time on hand held devices.
  • Automatically works out the dosage from paediatric drug database based on child weight.
  • Completely secure and role based, only allowing the authorized person to access the different features.
  • Bed Transfer Reports & Discharge Summary.
  • Digital MAR, MER, ADR reports.
  • Witness required for control drugs.
  • Enforces PRN dosing rules & intervals.
  • Order Processing and Book in Medication
  • Stock Reconciliation & Audit trail
  • Comprehensive audit logs available for all the activities carried out in the system.
  • Instant reporting provides reports, statistics and trends that were prohibitively time consuming in the past.
  • User friendly, nurses/ carers can easily be trained.

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