NaviMeds offers a unique solution for medication administration and control. It ensures that the right person gets the right dose of the right drug through the right route at the right time. It reduces risks and mistakes by automated allergy checking, rejection patterns and alerts of adverse drug reactions.

Android based devices such as tablets are used by carers to record drug administrations in the drug rounds; replacing paper MAR. Carers see only the drugs due at that time, removing the risk of misinterpretation of MAR; thus reducing mistakes.

Instant reporting provides reports, statistics and trends that were prohibitively time consuming in the past. NaviMeds reduces medication errors and automated inventory management saves your staff’s time; and thus your cost.

Main Features of NaviMeds are:

  • Each service user will be provided with a unique RFID wristband during their stay in the hospital, which helps track the inpatient’s information.
  • Service user’s allergies, upcoming events and admission details are displayed on the service user card.
  • Personal details such as SU’s contact information and emergency contacts are displayed.
  • Service user’s photo is provided in the SU card to confirm identity.
  • GP’s can quickly look up a service user’s medication details with a click.
  • New medication can be added with ease.
  • Medication can be discontinued and all changes to the medications are with appropriate security levels.
  • Visualization of time / drug schedule.
  • Verification of drug acceptance and rejections..
  • Drug administrations can be done via Mobile, tablets or PC
  • Only shows drugs that are due to be given so no more interpreting MAR sheets.
  • Ensures controlled drugs are given with a witness present.
  • Enforces minimum intervals between PRNs.
  • Alerts in case of allergy.
  • Takes stress off carers by reducing their bedside workload.
  • Reminder alarms ensure drugs are given on time with no missing signatures.
  • Pictures of SUs and drugs.

NaviMeds is unobtrusive, easy to use and can be learnt in under an hour.

NaviMeds ensures that all procedures are correctly followed and recorded with the result that errors in medicines administration are minimised. This is achieved through inclusion of pictures of the Service User and images of the drugs to be administered, offering a visual confirmation of the carer’s actions.

NaviMeds enables audio notes to be recorded, providing immediate confirmation of what has happened without recourse to pen and paper - saving staff time and removing the necessity for keyboard input.

NaviMeds reduces the risk of drug miss administration

By only showing the carer the drugs due at that time, NaviMeds removes the need for interpretation of MAR sheets, reducing the risk of mistakes. Automated allergy checking and the highlighting of rejection patterns and mistakes enable proactive caring and the refinement of medication policies and procedures. Details of who administered the drugs and at what time are automatically captured as a bi-product of the administration process.

NaviMeds operates where it is needed most

Smart Phones and tablets are carried by the carer on their drug round to record administrations – no more paper records to burden staff at the point of care. Non critical data input and reporting can be securely carried out from any PC connected to the Local Area Network or via the Internet.

NaviMeds saves time

Instant reporting provides commonly required information immediately. Advanced technology produces reports that would have been prohibitively time consuming in the past, including:
  • Current prescriptions for a Service User.
  • Service User drug rejection rates by carer.
  • Historical MAR and prescription details.
  • Drug movement audit with discrepancies.
  • Inventory disposal lists.
  • Incoming drug recording.
  • Current inventory levels .

NaviMeds reduces costs

Automating tasks such as inventory counts that would otherwise be performed by carers, NaviMeds reduces demands on Carers’ and Managers’ time, freeing it up for improved care and enabling cost savings for re-investment in services. The reduction of medication errors leads to reduced process administration with an associated saving in time and money.

NaviMeds - your medication in-tray, out-tray and filing cabinet

NaviMeds makes it less likely that mistakes will happen, but in case they do it includes full Incident Reporting and workflow. Replacing your existing paper forms, NaviMeds make sure that missed drugs or other incidents are brought to the manager’s attention and tracks timely follow-up and signoff of incident reports, improving process adherence and reducing the chances of recurrence.

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