NaviHome is an innovative patient safety system enabling more people to have safer, happier and healthier lives, confidently supported at home by a unique medication administration and risk reduction system. It uses cutting edge technology thereby eliminating mistakes at the point of care and regularly monitors patient health. Our innovative approach redefines the centuries-old tradition of institutional long-term care provision.

Our unique solution helps reduces mistakes at the point of care and triggers alerts for any adverse drug reaction (ADR) symptoms or vital signs by prompting text messages. This leads to early action, thus reducing the impact of harm and saving money and lives

Transition of inpatient between hospitals and in the community or Care Home

It has been recognised that unnecessary time in hospital can be very harmful especially to frail older patients, exposing them to other risks, such as hospital acquired infections, and often leading to extended stays away from home. Currently patients are kept waiting in hospital and occupy bed as Local Authorises have not been able to make arrangements for accepting patients in the community. Transition period of patient between hospital and the community provided by hospital will make the bed/ room becoming available immediately.

£820m our estimate of the gross cost to the NHS of older patients in hospital beds who are no longer in need of acute treatment (NAO may 16).

Our System will help

  • Initiates automated discharge process in minutes, which could otherwise take hours to complete, and helps to minimises bed blocking.
  • Provides electronic medication administration for medication supplied by hospital/ local pharmacies.
  • Provides schedule of services to be provided to the patient.
  • Provides timely alerts for patient allergies, missed or late drug administrations, drugs low in stock, repeat medication etc.
  • Ensures correct dosage and intervals for PRN drugs.
  • Sends immediate texts/ emails to doctor if a patient reacts adversely to some drug or data health alerts. Early action can save lives.
  • Send MMS to the doctor and the hospital for any vital sign to reduce the impact of harm.
  • Facilitates Electronic Care Plans, scored assessments and vital signs charts.
  • Secure role based system allows various trust departments, GP, Social services to log into the patient information, enabling better communications and decision making.
  • Provides comprehensive audit with detailed search facility.

Interface with Health monitoring Device:

The interface with Telehealth will be able to accumulate and manage patient own health data. Telehealth also incorporates health data monitoring, from pulse and blood pressure to liver function, using a combination of in-phone features and at-home test kits. The Service user/carer can connect to the kit, if required, answer few questions.

  • Our system will keep record of all data including hospital stay summary and present the data graphically.
  • This data can be transferred to telehealth for keep history of the patient.

Visit Verification

  • Provide proof of care at the point-of-care
  • Validate patient at the point of care
  • Authenticate patient visits
  • Ensure compliance and eliminate potential fraud

Scheduling Simplified

  • Schedule and track visits in real-time
  • Schedule new visits, view upcoming visits, document missed visits and much more
  • Automatic schedule updates

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