Materials Management System (MatMan)

MatMan is a comprehensive hospital management solution that provides hospitals with an end-to- end, fully integrated management solution that helps to streamline operations, increase productivity and reduce waste whilst at the same time helping staff provide improved patient care. Highly flexible, it can be tailored to meet the needs of both a single department and the needs of a large NHS Trust or Private Hospital Group.

Investments in inventory can be optimized by improving decisions related to item acquisition, quantities held, storage, handling and replenishment. Better Inventory Management will help the hospital to comply with corporate governance and ultimately improve patient care. MatMan is bundled with lots of functionality which is cost effective, easy to use and quick to implement. In addition to that it is also easy to adapt and flexible.

The system is ideal for both hospitals that supply stock and also for those who utilize the services of medical supplies wholesalers who supply products directly to the point-of-care (PoC). IMS PoC enables quickest way to record the use of medical consumables and manage inventory.Simple and powerful, the point-of-care and inventory control features are ideal for use in areas such as Ward and Theatre Stores as well as at the patient bedside and within the operating Theatre. It can also interface with your existing Inventory Management and Procurement systems or could be linked with any other inventory management applications, to provide a complete end-to-end Supply Chain Management solution.

Key Features

  • Multiple locations, location transfers, Stocking UOMs(Unit of Measure) & Bins
  • Alternative Suppliers
  • Pick, Put Away, Warehouse Receipt & Warehouse Shipment
  • Standard Cost Worksheet for companies carrying out the periodic task of reviewing and up- dating standard costs
  • Analysis Reports & Item Budgets
  • Order proposals that minimize inventory costs are generated
  • Users get a graphical view of historical sales, inventory levels and shortages
  • Optimization & Planning Super session management
  • Inventory Leveling/Stock Transfers
  • Stock Rotation
  • The system generates user-defined exception reports, listing items that need special attention

Material Management Material Management

Why NaviCare IMS?

  • Consolidated purchasing data will enable procurement to take ad- vantage of better supplier quantity price breaks
  • Automating the rotation of stocks and transferring products from low consumption areas to high consumption areas will help eliminate out of date stocks and therefore reduce waste
  • Using consumption information to standardize and reduce product lines will enable procurement to negotiate better prices with suppliers
  • Expensive, overnight deliveries will be virtually eliminated
  • Nursing staff time will be saved as they will not be required to raise or expedite consumable orders freeing up time for patient care
  • Procurement staff will not have to manually process consumable orders freeing up time to productive procurement management tasks
  • Availability of the right product in the right place at the right time will re- duce the chances of operations having to be delayed or cancelled
  • Automatic data capture systems using barcode and handheld devices
  • Creates consumption and replenishment data to update hospitals existing inventory and procurement systems
  • Time saved reduces overall cost and help staff to be productive and focus more on their roles, thus increasing profitability

Material Management