Inventory Management System

IMS is a comprehensive patient centric hospital management solution that, when implemented together, provides hospitals with an end-to-end, fully integrated management solution that helps to streamline operations, increase productivity, reduce waste whilst at the same time helping staff provide improved patient care. The solution delivers more timely and accurate management information including patient episode, service level and consultant level costing. Highly flexible, it can be tailored to meet the needs of both a single department and the needs of a large NHS Trust or Private Hospital Group.

Investments in inventory can be optimised by improving decisions related to item acquisition, quantities held, storage, handling and replenishment. Quick access to, and analysis of, key business information can help to improve decision-making. Accurate and timely information allows managers to plan effectively and make better-informed business decisions. Better Inventory Management will also help the hospital to comply with corporate governance and ultimately improve patient care.

Hospitals don’t just need a system that has lots of functionality – it has to be cost- effective. The system must be competitively priced, easy to use and quick to implement. In addition, it has to be easy to adapt to your own organisations requirements and flexible enough to provide a long-term solution as the hospital requirements develop. Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, HD-IMS offers hospitals a modern, easy- to-use and cost-effective solution that delivers a rapid return on investment. HD-IMS is ideal for both hospitals that supply from stock and those that utilise the services of a medical supplies wholesaler who supply products directly to the point-of-care.

Main features are:

  • Multiple locations, location transfers, Stocking UOMs & Bins.
  • Alternative Suppliers
  • BOMS & Kitting used to manage Surgeon Preference Cards, Procedure Packs, and Loan Kits
  • Item Substitutions & Cross References, Item Tracking, Item Charges & Non-stock items
  • Cycle-Counting—helping to verify inventory data. It is used to maintain and increase inventory accuracy .
  • Pick, Put Away, Warehouse Receipt & Warehouse Shipment
  • Standard Cost Worksheet– for companies carrying out the periodic task of reviewing and updating standard costs
  • Analysis Reports & Item Budgets

IMS Point of Care

IMS Point of Care Data Capture from Hospital Dynamics is the easiest, quickest way to record the use of medical consumables and manage inventory. Simple and powerful, the point-of-care and inventory control features are ideal for use in areas such as Ward and Theatre Stores as well as at the patient bedside and within the operating Theatre.

HD-IMS-PoC can operate with your existing Inventory Management and Procurement systems or be supplied with other HD-IMS applications to provide a complete end-to-end Supply Chain Management solution.

  • Intuitive supermarket style self-service interface.
  • Automated data capture using GS1 barcodes
  • Touch-screen entry for frequently used products
  • Serial number, batch number and expiry date tracking
  • Allocation to patient episode for patient and service line costing .
  • Creates consumption and replenishment data to update hospitals existing inventory and procurement systems
  • Works with Windows workstations including self-service touch screen kiosk terminals


Reduces Costs

IMS will enable a hospital reduce costs in a number of areas including:

  • Consolidated purchasing data will enable procurement to take advantage of better supplier quantity price breaks .
  • Automating the rotation of stocks and transferring products from low consumption areas to high consumption areas will help eliminate out of date stocks and therefore reduce waste.
  • Using consumption information to standardise and reduce product lines will enable procurement to negotiate better prices with suppliers
  • Converting high-cost consignment stocks purchases to owned stock will enable high value products to be purchased at lower prices
  • Expensive, overnight deliveries will be virtually eliminated .

Improves Productivity

IMS will automate many supply chain process including:

  • Nursing staff will be saved because they will not be required to raise or expedite consumable orders freeing up time for patient care.
  • Procurement staff will not have to manually process consumable orders freeing up time to productive procurement management tasks .
  • The time consuming assimilation of consumption and procurement information need for patient, service line and other management reports will be eliminated.

Supports Better Patient Care

IMS will support better patient care in a number of areas:

  • Nursing staff will have more time available for patient care .
  • Availability of the right product in the right place at the right time will reduce the chances of operations having to be delayed or cancelled .
  • Automated stock rotation will eliminate the occasions when an out-of-date medical device is potentially used in a procedure .

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