Episode Management

Episode Management is a unique and innovative solutions for smarter, better management of Episode in private and NHS.

Episode Management uses actual timings and resource costings to provide profit and loss for every activity within an episode & highlight any variances.

Healthcare Dynamics Episode Management includes modules that support:

  • Cut cost and improve efficiency.
  • Displays actual uses of manpower and the stock items
  • Allocation of resources such as Surgeons, Beds and Operation theatres.
  • Ability to record capacity of consultants, staff, nurse, rooms, operation theatres, based on resource availability
  • Ability to allocate resources against episodes.
  • Ability to audit service planned under Episode and service delivered

Episode Management for the Health Insurance Companies

  • Ensures that an insured person is getting the service contracted under the episode pricing.
  • Ensure that an insured person is getting the full treatment and not discharged earlier minimising re-admission

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