Cost of Nursing

This module allows apportion cost per staff especially nurses to each patient served/ episode rather than dividing the nurse time to number of patient looked after. It helps to optimally allowed and utilize staff by giving reports on staff utilization. This will show nursing time available, charged to the patients/episode and the non-chargeable/ non nursing time.

Main features of Cost of Nursing are:

  • Captures daily-activity, staff to patient time distribution, medicines and consumable consumed, electronically using Barcode, RFID and Proximity Card Reader at the Point-of-Care data management Improves Care.
  • Full traceability
  • Implant Register tracks medical device to patient episode
  • Displays actual uses of manpower and the stock items
  • Frees up staff time to patient care.
  • Ensures Compliance
  • Ensures that policies and processes are being adhered to
  • Controls Cost
  • Optimises staff and equipment utilisation
  • Helps eliminates duplicate processes
  • Generates accurate service and patient episode level costing.

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