Care Home Enterprise

Care home Enterprise is the only truly integrated, comprehensive healthcare business solution. It is designed entirely for the Care Sector and is highly scalable and customisable to give you a 100% fit solution. It is a Microsoft Dynamics based Invoicing, Financial and Business Management Package.

Care Home Enterprise provides a complete end-to-end solution for care homes and groups. It combines all the major functions carried out in a care home in one system making it easier to use.

We realize that each care home has its individual needs and hence Care Home Enterprise has been designed to be extremely flexible, modular and customizable. It works with multiple devices including PDAs and mobile phones. Care Homes can choose any modules according to their needs. The system can also integrate with existing systems in the care homes providing extra comfort. Care Home Enterprise can thus be customized as per your needs to give the care homes a 100% fit solution!

The system is highly secure and extremely user friendly. It has been proven to save time and money in care homes which can be re-invested in care of the service users. With the availability of a large number of reports, managers can see information all levels in real time.

Enquiry Management

Managing complete process from initial enquiry and referral to conducting need and risk assessments, funding queries, questionnaires and waiting lists. The system allows to monitor rejection reasons and produces reports. These feed into projection of need and capacity planning, helping managers to make decisions for expansion. The entire process is traceable at all times and work flows ensure centralised communication and smooth running of all operations.

HR & Rota

With automatic Rota generation, managers no longer have to spend hours creating rosters for upcoming weeks. This module includes holiday management, absences of staff, training and qualifications, security checks and time sheet management. It also facilitates quick learning and trainings through its eLearning feature.

Care Home Management

This module includes risk assessments, health and safety assessments, inspections and their reports, accidents and complaint forms, care Home diary and room management. The module ensures that all the details for the care home are up to date. A full set of Reports are available which can be drilled down from the entire group level down to care homes.

Finance & ERP

This module comprises of Accounting, Asset Management and CRM sub modules.The module supports multi-stream, multi-funder and multi-period billing in both gross and net forms.This module comprises of Accounting, Asset Management and CRM sub modules. The module supports multi-stream, multi-funder and multi-period billing in both gross and net forms.It features automatic posting of accruals and ability to bill ad-hoc charges. Mid period fee changes are automatically automatically honoured, for both primary funders as well as DSS and LA.

Care Management

Do you currently have different methods of creating and storing care plans, managing shift handover notes, recording diagnostics and other service user information and preparing reports?With the Care module,all this can be done in one place.The carers can simply login to the care module and easily make customized care plans.A detailed service user card gives upfront information about their history, allergies, point of contact as well as their daily activities and recent assessments.Comprehensive and analytical reports can be generated at the click of a button saving the precious time and effort of your care staff.

Medication Administration - eMAR

No need to use paper MAR sheet any more to administer medication. Our electronic MAR (eMAR) replaces paper MAR and ensures that the Right person gets the Right drug with the Right dose through the Right route at the Right time . Secure sign on eliminates missed signatures. Users only see the drugs due for administration in that round. Alerts available for witness on control drugs, pending medication, allergies, double dose, drug interactions and adverse drug reactions. Inventory Management includes real time stock reporting, drug ordering discrepancy and reordering, drug disposal, discrepancy reports, audit trail and low stock alerts. The module also provides fully drill-able clinical and management reports.

Care Home Enterprise offers following functionalities:

  • Booking, Room Allocation & Admissions.
  • Contractual and Variable Invoicing for various service types.
  • Audit Trail and Document Log.
  • Accrual and Prepayments.
  • Fees contract and Uplifts.
  • Adjustment documents

The Microsoft Dynamics modules that come with the NaviCare Invoicing package include:

Asset Management: Includes management of property and equipment.
Customer Relationship Management: Enquiry management – Full cycle from booking room to admission to conversion to a service user status
Accounting: General, Sales and Purchase Ledger. An interface can be built to care home’s existing accounting system.
Business Intelligence & Reporting: Full set of standard reports available as well as the ability to create custom reports.
Share point: Demand forecasting and capacity planning.

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