Cost, Auditing, Protection

Cost, Audit and Planning (CAP) provides the profit & loss account for EACH operation in the hospital. Links with Capacity Efficiency Utilization to allocate the exact cost of nursing to each patient.

The main features of CAP are:


  • Movements of the hospital staff (e.g. Carer, Nurses etc) using RFID readers
  • Time period during which the hospital staff attends the patients, using smart devices. It will work the cost of nursing for the visit based on chargeable rate.
  • Monitors the availability of staff using RFID readers located at entrances where the Staff's proximity cards will be scanned and recorded
  • Where rates are not applicable, the time spent by the staff with the patient will be calculated automatically


  • Monitors if the right staff is providing services to the right patient during the right time
  • Makes sure if the staff has done mandatory monitoring with respect to the patients
  • Estimates the effective time they have spent according to their schedule.
  • It is service planned and service delivered. Alert carer for the late scheduled care visit. Care home manager is alerted for any missed visit.


  • Monitors the number and category of visitors who were there inside the care home at a particular point of time
  • Records the details of visitors and time duration each visitor had with the patients
  • Tracking Service Users and visitors , to ensure they are not entering any unauthorised area. In case of fire/ emergency , to print out the list of Service users, visitors and staff in the building .

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