• NaviMeds

    NaviMeds offers a unique solution for medication administration and control. It ensures that the right person gets the right dose of the right drug through the right route at the right time. It reduces risks and mistakes by automated allergy checking, rejection patterns and alerts of adverse drug reactions.

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  • NaviHome

    NaviHome is an innovative patient safety system enabling more people to have safer, happier and healthier lives, confidently supported at home by a unique medication administration and risk reduction system. It uses cutting edge technology thereby eliminating mistakes at the point of care and regularly monitors patient health.

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  • Care Home Organiser

    Care Home Organizer’s integrated approach to service users and staff management streamlines workflow and productivity, and supports open communication for informed decision-making across entire care home.

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  • Dementia Care Online

    DementiaCare online is an innovative solution and its use of Dementia friendly technology open up avenues for intellectual stimulation for everyone, regardless of their interests and capabilities; My world” is ‘personalization in action’.

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  • NaviScript

    NaviScript provides a high security state of the art system, designed to reduce errors, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient care in hospitals. Electronic body charts, pre and post operation procedures and latest patient information helps the OT staff perform successful operations.

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  • Finance Management

    FM gives you the power to run your business efficiently from any location at any time. It has been designed to help you meet the requirements of the Care Standards Act and provides a complete paperless administration system.

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At NaviCare, we believe that innovation needs to be ingrained into any company looking to reach higher levels.

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Cutting Edge

We employ the latest technology tools including fast-track prototyping and proof of concept

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At Software Solutions Centre, we deliver rapid, predictable and successful results.

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Our Innovative Software

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  • NaviHome: (patient centric Unique e-Mar and safety domiciliary care software ).Read more
  • Care Home Enterprise:( end to end Microsoft add on Business solution for the Care Home).Read more
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In every business engagement, we seek the opportunity to build long-lasting, strategic relationships.

Software Solutions Centre is a London based Company and has extensive experience with developing and customising systems based on Microsoft .Net and Dynamics Nav – we have been a Microsoft solutions centre for over 12 years. We understand the issues involved in the implementation of large systems such as these and how to generate and maintain enthusiasm for the project. With prior experience supporting the UK’s largest Dynamics Nav installation and our care customers such as RNID, European Care and Care Ltd., we are uniquely equipped to ensure you receive timely and effective support to keep your system up, running and saving you money.


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